Digital Photography

For this project we went out and looked deeper into our everyday lives to find letters that we could use to make a word when combining the pictures.

Type in the Environment

Here we explored portrait photography and more specifically taking self portraits. This allowed us to be creative and confident in our own way.

Self Portrait

For Macro Abstraction we used lenses with the capability of focusing at a very close distance. For my image I used a lens that allowed me to zoom very close but place the camera far away.

Macro Abstraction

Here we explored the photo journalism realm and experienced interviewing people and putting a story together by using images and interview responses.

Photo Journalism: The Residential Boom

How has the need for more homes impacted realtors and farmers?

Farmers are sad that all the housing is being built around their land. One farmer I talked to was fearful that he would be pushed out of his land because the farmers around him had put their land up for sale.

How has the residential boom impacted the housing market?

The prices of homes have been increasing because more people are wanting to buy and move into homes. There is a lot less of available land now and a lot of homes are already occupied. This has helped the market a lot and has driven prices up.

What is the process of acquiring land from farmers?

The developer meets with a broker where they discuss the price of the land. The broker also informs them if the land is able to be converted into land for homes and how much it would cost to do that.

What do you believe is influencing land owners to sell?

Most of the time it is the money that is being presented to them. Usually developers offer a lot of money to acquire their land because they know they can make a lot off of it. They also are losing the privacy of the land around them because of the newer homes and sometimes they will move and sell their land to find a more private area.

Do you believe the residential boom is creating new jobs?

Yes. One of my developments  has employed over three hundred contractors. In addition to the contractors, now that there are a lot more homes than before in the area it allows for businesses to open up creating more jobs and a better market around that area.