Jack Rivera

NameJack Rivera

Self Portraits

I found my main gallery an inappropriate place to house my self portraits. I decided to create my own portfolio of which you can see the many pieces I have created of my self. I do other portrait photography for others. If you are interested please get in contact with me!

Where I am From

I am from the factory filled Detroit, from skate parks and summers, warm and cold.

I am from the cold winters of skiing and the steamy summers of wake surfing.

I am from boats cutting the morning glass, and the hum of tires on asphalt.

I am from the Riveras and Forresters, “This isn’t the same thing” and “Just eat the asparagus” — Loving and Caring, Honest and Real

I am from the positivity of Minnesota and the honesty of the Riveras

From nothing to something and being positive

I am from late Sunday mornings, waking after dawn and the smell of bacon in the air

I am from Rochester Hills, Pizza and Penn Station Subs

From the dark hair, determination, and the honesty

I am from positivity: the stress free life to the hours of work; From isolated to friendliness

I am Jack Rivera