The Self Portrait

For my Digital Photography class in school we had to do three self portraits. This pushed me into creating the most unique portraits I could think of whilst still having a nice looking piece of art. Here are some of my results.




These three images pushed not only my understanding of taking images but also the post processing of what it takes to create an amazing image. The dispersion image was the most challenge not just because of the fine detail that goes into creating a nice looking particle explosion but also because as someone who strives to have perfection even the smallest of details made it hard for me to say the image was good. I have a long way to go with photography and I know I can better each and every one of these photos with practice.

Where I am From Poem:

I am from the factory filled Detroit, from skate parks and summers, warm and cold.

I am from the cold winters of skiing and the steamy summers of wake surfing.

I am from boats cutting the morning glass, and the hum of tires on asphalt.

I am from the Riveras and Forresters, “This isn’t the same thing” and “Just eat the asparagus” — Loving and Caring, Honest and Real

I am from the positivity of Minnesota and the honesty of the Riveras

From nothing to something and being positive

I am from late Sunday mornings, waking after dawn and the smell of bacon in the air

I am from Rochester Hills, Pizza and Penn Station Subs

From the dark hair, determination, and the honesty

I am from positivity: the stress free life to the hours of work; From isolated to friendliness

I am Jack Rivera

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